About Us

Transconnect Logistics commenced in 2008 with a small warehouse in Vineyard, NSW.  Through steady growth over the last decade the company now has depots in Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne and is a significant supplier to the Food & Packaging industries. 

Over the years we have streamlined our services & developed technology to use with our suppliers to offer clients an easy to use & reliable service.  This has also allowed us to internally develop processes which enables us to manage our customer service, accounts department & national management from a single point.

Our fleet today comprises of over 100 vehicles that range from 4 tonne trucks up to B-doubles.  95% of all deliveries are completed by our own fleet & we have long standing relationships with suppliers to complete our SA, WA and regional country deliveries.

With these relationships, we have created a platform for our clients to be able to rely on us for all of their pallet deliveries Australia wide. To date, customer retention is outstanding due to on time service and exceptional customer service.


We provide our clients with a premium service exceeding expectations. We will achieve this by providing:
  • Flexibility surrounding our client’s needs
  • Single point of contact for all account managerial processes
  • Delivering business solutions mutually beneficial to both companies
  • Up to date information surrounding technology processes
  • National delivery service with flexible charging structure
  • Clients having direct contact with operations departments nationally
  • Interstate freight movements with local adhoc and permanent solutions available
  • Specialise in pallet movements
  • Timeslot and DC specialist as well as special projects
  • Weekly invoice with simplified and clear layout
  • Simple online with booking, tracking & tracing and PODs for all clients